• All our products are branded with identifying article code
  • All items of each article are made in the same material
  • All our instruments, medical devices, are branded with company logo, CE mark, article code and lot number for traceability (as required by CE regulation)
  • Our instruments may be sterilized in an autoclave or with chemical solutions (excl. Sodium Hypochlorite if possible)
  • Raw materials comply with the UNI EN ISO 7153-1:2016 regulation
  • The hardness of our stainless steel varies from 48 to 52 HRC (according to the DIN 58298 standard)
  • Amount of impurities in steel falls within standards
  • Our instruments are manufactured complying with UNI CEI EN ISO 13485:2012 Quality System – Medical Devices and CE regulations
  • Instruments may be sterilized in autoclave at a temperature of 134C°-273°F with steam or gas
  • 5 years guarantee on all products for corrosion, oxidation and damages due to manufacturing defects
  • Damages caused by improper use are not covered.
  • Our validated corrosion test consists boiling instruments in distilled water for one hour and then let it air dry. The procedure is repeated three times and controls are performed with a highly magnifying optical instrument. The only accepted result is absence of rust.

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