DENTAL AND SURGICAL INSTRUMENTS... we make them for real!

This is why
we never give up!

Since 1950 craftsmen,
since 1990 a proud manufacture

Celebrate with us

theEvolution continues...


Since 1950 we manufacture highest quality dental and surgical instruments
for us and several other companies in Italy and abroad.

All made by us, proudly 101% Italian Quality.
"Revolutionary ideas come true"

Aspirating periosteal

Medical device for the maxillary sinus-lift procedure

"Similar in the body, totally different in the essence."

This is the EVOlution of Species

We have started production of a completely new series of instruments with light-material handles. Because others did it before us, we firstly focused on analysing the state of the art of existing products in order to capitalize on and, where possible, improve their positive features, and fix any flaws.

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evo instrument
evo instrument
evo instrument
evo instrument
evo instrument
evo instrument

... we make them for real!

Our product line includes instruments for:

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