1950' – '60

Knife craft manufacturers in Maniago

Family-run firm established in the early 1950’s, in the busy entrepreneurial context of Maniago. At the beginning the company operated in the locally traditional cutlery sector, high quality standards and technical innovation being its defining features. These characteristics eventually led to the specialization in the production, that began with an order for dental instruments placed by a major Italian company. Later, this became the main and only area of production.

1970’ – ‘80

Manufacturing company

New products are being produced, as curettes and scalers ad other sharp instruments, that help increase the quality in the company’s production. DenTag labelled items are being sold to local dentists, thus introducing sales and marketing into the production cycle. At the end of the 1980’s the craft firm becomes a manufacturing company and is established in the new plant.

1990’ – 2000’

Acknowledged and certified quality

The highest quality of the products led to an exponential increase of exports and to toll manufacturing for several companies, especially German and U.S. ones. The company is therefore registered by the U.S. FDA as manufacturing company. At the end of the 1990’s it gets the ISO 9001 Quality Management certification that paved the way to foreign markets for DenTag labelled products. The company also begins to participate to international dental fairs.

2000’ – Yesterday

IT and technical innovation

Competition, not always fair, from Asian countries is on the rise. Despite a very similar aesthetic, the quality is significantly lower. Therefore, a unique handle is created in order to be immediately recognisable among all products on the market. The company significantly invests on new automatic numerical control machinery and on the implementation of Information Technology. In the meantime, the company obtains other foreign quality certifications that open new markets.


The evolution of species

DenTag is now internationally recognized as manufacturer of high quality surgical and dental instruments. We then took a further step to the evolution of quality by introducing a new line of instruments that combines several innovations, firstly the use of thermoplastic materials.


Seize the day

We have quite a few ideas. We will keep innovating and updating our production cycle and lines of products. We will also continue our cooperation with dentists and researchers to acquire, implement and promote innovation and improvements.

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